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CMCA asks students to dress in a way that builds respect, creates an environment where learning can flourish, and reduces distractions. Students should arrive at school having given attention to grooming, cleanliness, and neatness. Students who arrive at school in violation of the dress code will be required to make changes before proceeding with their school day. Students are required to wear a tan and navy school uniform. The school uniform shall be worn for all on or off campus school activities unless otherwise specified. Students must wear uniforms that correspond to their biological sex recognized at birth.
How to Purchase Uniforms
  1. Skirts are purchased through the CMCA office. 
  2. All shirts must be purchased at Global Schoolwear. Pants, vests, and jackets may also be purchased from our storefront. 
  3. Uniform pants that meet school requirements may be purchased at any store.
Girl’s Uniforms
  1. Girls wear below-the-knee khaki skirts purchased through the CMCA office and navy polo shirts with embroidered school logo purchased through Global Schoolwear.
  2. Girls in grades 7-12 may choose to wear solid navy or khaki dresses that match the general style of the standard uniform. Pattern and fabric must be pre-approved. 
Boy’s Uniforms
  1. Boys must wear long khaki pants with belts. 
  2. Shirts must be navy polos embroidered with the school logo and purchased atGlobal Schoolwear. Shirts must be tucked in.  
Other Dress Requirements
  1. Student shoes must be solid black or white and allow students to run/play with ease. Socks shall be solid white, gray, navy, or black. 
  2. Hair should be neat, off the face, and avoiding distracting extremes (no unnatural colors or cuts including shaved designs). Boy’s hair must be off the collar. 
  3. Outerwear for cool weather must be a uniform (school logo) sweater or jacket or a solid color sweater or jacket in school colors (black, gray, navy, or tan) with no logos or symbols larger than a quarter. Pull-over hoodies are not permitted. A uniform shirt or approved dress must be worn under all cold-weather wear. 
  4. No jewelry, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or anklets of any type shall be worn. Colored nail polish, fake nails, and make-up that alters natural appearance are not permitted. 
  5. Shirts worn underneath the uniform shirt must be solid black, gray, navy, or white with no symbols or writing. 
  6. Hats and caps are not to be worn at school. Hoods must not be worn in the building.

Parent and Student Handbook

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Standards of Ethical Conduct

CMCA cares about every parent, student, and staff member of the school. Because of this we are guided by the following standards of conduct.

Central Miami Christian Academy values the worth and dignity of every person, the pursuit of truth, the acquisition of knowledge, and the nurture of students to their highest potential. Of utmost importance is the care of each student and equal opportunity for all. Employees will therefore exercise integrity and the best professional judgment in all work and personal interactions and will develop professionally to best serve the students.

Concern for the student requires that our staff shall:

  1. Not harass or discriminate against any student on the basis of race, color, sex, age, national or ethnic origin, political beliefs, handicapping condition if otherwise qualified, or social and family background and shall make reasonable effort to assure that each student is protected from harassment or discrimination.
  2. Not exploit a relationship with a student for personal gain or advantage.
  3. Keep in confidence personally identifiable information obtained in the course of professional service unless disclosure serves professional purposes or is required by law.
  4. Make reasonable effort to protect the student from conditions harmful to learning and/or to the student’s mental and/or physical health and/or safety.
  5. Not intentionally expose a student to unnecessary embarrassment or disparagement.
  6. Not unreasonably restrain a student from independent action in pursuit of learning, deny a student access to diverse points of view, nor intentionally distort subject matter relevant to a student’s learning.

Aware of the importance of maintaining the respect and confidence of colleagues, students, parents, and the community, all employees commit to:

  1. Maintain honesty in all professional dealings.
  2. Not engaging in harassment or discriminatory conduct which unreasonably interferes with an individual’s performance of work responsibilities or with the orderly process of education or which creates a hostile, intimidating, abusive, offensive, or oppressive environment; and, further, shall make a reasonable effort to assure that individuals are protected from such harassment or discrimination.
  3. Not make malicious or intentionally false statements about a colleague.

Training Requirement: All instructional personnel, educational support employees, and administrators are required as a condition of employment to complete training

on the standards of ethical conduct, reporting requirements and procedures, and on suspected misconduct and whistleblower protection.

Reporting Misconduct by Instructional Personnel and Administrators: All instructional personnel, educational support employees, and school administrators have an obligation to report misconduct by instructional personnel, educational support employees and school administrators which affects the health, safety, or welfare of a student or violates standards of ethical conduct or staff policy. Examples of misconduct include obscene language, drug and alcohol use, disparaging comments, prejudice, or bigotry, cheating or testing violations, physical aggression, misuse of school resources, accepting or offering favors for preferential treatment, or sexual abuse or harassment.

Reports of misconduct of employees shall be made to the school administrator. Reports of misconduct committed by the school administrator should be made to the Chairman of the Board of Central Miami Christian Academy. Failure to report misconduct may result in penalties up to termination of employment and revocation of an educator’s certificate.

Policies and protocols for reporting misconduct by instructional personnel or school administrators which affects the health, safety, or welfare of a student are posted on our website and in the Faculty and Staff Manual.

Reporting Child Abuse, Abandonment, or Neglect: All employees and agents who know or have reasonable cause to suspect that sexual abuse, abandonment, or neglect have occurred have an affirmative duty to report to the central state hotline. Call 1-800- 96-ABUSE or report online at

Liability Protections: Any person, official, or institution participating in good faith in any act authorized or required by law or reporting in good faith any instance of child abuse, abandonment, or neglect to the department or any law enforcement agency, shall be immune from any civil or criminal liability which might otherwise result by reason of such action. (F.S. 39.203) An employer who discloses information about a former or current employee to a prospective employer of the former or current employee upon request of the prospective employer or of the former or current employee is immune from civil liability for such disclosure or its consequences unless it is shown by clear and convincing evidence that the information disclosed by the former or current employer was knowingly false or violated any civil right of the former or current employee protected under F.S. Chapter 760. (F.S. 768.095)

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